Nowadays, cosmetic products are essential for women. You should be careful not to buy and use unidentified products because of the risks and consequences. You must know the components, especially the existence of alcohol or not in the product. Through this guide, find out if alcohol in cosmetics is really bad. To do this, you need to know the role of alcohol in the products. As you know, alcohol has several properties that are useful in cosmetics. To be on the safe side, you also need to know the different types of alcohol so that you don't get confused.

What is the role of alcohol in cosmetics?

If you have been aware of the existence of alcohol in cosmetics for a long time, it is high time for you to know its importance. You should know that alcohol plays an important role in the preservation of these products. In addition to other chemical preservatives such as paraben, alcohol is more effective. It should be noted that it evaporates during the application, and will not be absorbed by your body, contrary to paraben. So, alcohol is not dangerous for your skin. That said, the exact dose must be respected. A cosmetic product should not contain more than 5% alcohol. Otherwise, it can make the skin even drier than it already is. It is therefore useful to know how much alcohol your cosmetic products contain.

What are its properties in cosmetics?

You already know that alcohol is almost ubiquitous in many cosmetic products on the market such as creams, body lotions, perfumes, and even hair products. But you don't know what its properties are in all these products. There are good reasons for alcohol to be in cosmetics. It is indeed a substance with several virtues. You should know that alcohol has a deodorizing and bactericidal effect. It can also dissolve fat. Alcohol also has an anti-inflammatory action.

Are there different types of alcohol?

To give you a clear explanation, you should know how to categorize alcohol into two. The first is the type of alcohol that can have a harmful effect on the person using it. If there is a mixture of plasticizers with the substance, adverse health effects are to be considered. In this case, it is advisable never to use such alcohol. The second type are alcohol waxes and fatty alcohols. They are good for the hydration of the skin. Moreover, they are non-toxic.