CBD or cannabidiol is a cannabinoid. This chemical binds to receptors in the central nervous system. It is commonly used to treat many symptoms. This non-psychoactive molecule is extracted from cannabis. CBD is legal in France if the percentage of THC in the product is less than 0.2%. For those who suffer from insomnia, this product can be an alternative treatment solution.

The main causes of insomnia

Many factors can cause insomnia. It can be due to disorders such as anxiety, post-traumatic stress or depression. It can also be caused by medications that disrupt the sleep-wake cycle. There are also certain physical conditions, including chronic pain and Willis-Ekbom disease. Other factors can be incriminated in the occurrence of insomnia: caffeine, nicotine, environmental factors, such as loud noises or an uncomfortable bed ... All these problems can be mitigated by taking cannabidiol to sleep better.

CBD and sleep

Research on the use of CBD for insomnia suggests that it can treat many disorders related to the sleep problem. A study published in 2019 showed that CBD can improve patients' sleep by reducing their anxiety levels. Other research indicates that CBD works on the sleep cycle, such as in the case of REM sleep disorder associated with nightmares. It also shows potential for treating excessive daytime sleepiness. Taking this molecule can also relieve chronic pain and dizziness, another symptom of insomnia. And finally, if your problem is caused by taking nicotine at night, this substance can help wean you off.

The different CBD products

CBD is consumed in different forms and buying these products is becoming more and more convenient. CBD delivery service in France is even free for some online stores. CBD flower is the form that contains the least psychoactive substances and a high percentage of cannabidiol. It comes from the cannabis bud. There are also CBD infusions and herbal teas, which have multiple health benefits. The substance considerably reduces depression and facilitates digestion. It also has a neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory effect. CBD oil and capsules can be used as a dietary supplement. They provide all the beneficial effects of cannabidiol. Finally, there are CBD-based cosmetics, which are becoming increasingly popular. These products are known for their anti-aging effect. They are also effective against acne and certain dermatological problems