If you are looking for well-being, relaxation and natural health, the infusion is the first thing that comes to mind. In the case of CBD infusion, its preparation is not done anyhow. Certain criteria must be taken into account to obtain a quality infusion. It is imperative to understand how the body will react and to learn about edible foods before preparing your CBD tea. You will be able to flavor it in a personalized way as long as you make your own infusion. However, CBD herbal tea is available in bags or in bulk and very simple to use.

The ingredients to prepare the CBD and hemp infusion

Obviously, the main ingredient is CBD or hemp, an active element present in cannabis. CBD is extracted from the seeds, stems and flowers of cannabis. For hemp teas and CBD infusions, it is advisable to use a ground plant. The ground plant releases in a moment the active of the plant once soaked in boiling water. With one gram of ground plant, you need 4 cups of boiling water and one tablespoon of coconut oil or unsalted butter. You only need these three ingredients and then you can proceed with the preparation.

The different steps of the preparation

In boiling water, add the oil or butter and let it dissolve. Then, mix the ground plant of CBD or hemp with a tea strainer. Then, let the preparations infuse for 15 minutes. Don't forget to strain the tea to remove the important fragments so you can enjoy it without any problems. If the CBD tea or the hemp tea alone is not to your taste, then feel free to flavour with other aromatic tea or add a little honey. According to each metabolism, the effects of CBD tea are different. It can take up to one to two hours before you feel the sensation of well-being.

The benefits of consuming CBD infusions

CBD infusion and hemp tea have many health benefits. It relieves any kind of pain. A rich strain of CBD or pure infusion helps in fighting chronic pain. It helps relieve constipation and cramps. Just like aspirin, CBD has an anti-inflammatory action. CBD tea can also aid digestion and it acts as an antacid that helps reduce heartburn.