For any person who is very keen on hygiene, sweating is a very annoying step to avoid in order to feel good about oneself. Several means and solutions will be offered to you to avoid perspiration and to give off a nauseating odor. And to feel good, that is to say not giving off an odor, is a very healthy state of mind for you, but also for those around you. Thus, the use of the stone of Alum with its raw state is very old, but very effective what allows him its notoriety always tendency currently.

All about Alum stone

What is the Alum stone ? Historically the Alum stone is an oriental stone, and before this stone knows a unanimity in the field of the textile. It was used as an antiperspirant material on textiles. Alum stone was very popular in the field of textiles as well as in cosmetics. On the market, Alum stone can be found naturally and synthetically. But the use of both is safe for your health. Alum stone does not enter the pores of the skin, it is fixed on the skin and after a shower or a light perspiration it is eliminated with water.

Use of Alum stone

Alum stone is currently used in the field of cosmetics as an antiperspirant, but in the form of deodorant. Research chemists have set up research to evaluate the effectiveness of Alum stone and the derivatives that you can get from its use. In developing countries, Alum stone is still used in its raw form and applied directly to the area of your body that sweats the most. For your armpit, you can apply it directly after your shower while moving up and down your armpit. But you can also use it for your feet that tend to sweat, you apply it along your soles after washing your feet. But another very effective tip is to make the Alum stone powder and apply it in your shoe at night. All this is a tip for the use of Alum stone. It will also help you especially for men after your shaving.

Alum stone: its properties

Alum stone has very effective properties in the field of cosmetics. An antiperspirant that can be adapted and tolerated by all types of skin, even the most sensitive, so it can be applied easily. Alum stone can thus replace the chemical deodorants on the market for those who do not tolerate them or just want to change. Alum stone will help you get rid of sweaty odors and also get rid of bacteria.