Applications capable of analyzing cosmetics have found a great place in recent months. Its principle is based on a smartphone app that deciphers the composition of a cosmetic product. Simple to use, most of these apps have the scan option that allows you to access the camera and you just have to scan the barcode or take a picture of the list of ingredients. For example in the app, you will be able to find out if the product in question has any risks for pregnant women or babies.

What is the basis of a cosmetic application?

With a smartphone, anyone can download apps to decipher cosmetics without problems. However, the problem is often posed on the content, the system, the functioning of this thing. It is not experts in cosmetic formulation and composition who establish the ratings in the results after the analysis. Some computer scientists who design the app draw more or less reliable sources in information open to everyone. There are also other scientific sources that seem to be reliable. But the app will never provide you with the sources where it is based when it gives you a rating.

Does the cosmetic app take all of them into account?

The big concerns in the cosmetic app arise on elements that may be essential but it leaves out. These elements can help and enter in the choice of consumers during a purchase. Moreover, the cosmetics app does not study the products as a whole but only the individual ingredients. The app does not go into detail about the environmental impact, certifications, marketing,... Thus, it does not offer a good rating to Cosmebio certified products or the product without packaging or the locally produced. But products made by underpaid employees and manufactured on the other side of the world have better ratings.

So what about the cosmetic application?

It's so great to have some kind of app that can help you decide on your cosmetics. Apps to decipher cosmetics can learn a lot about bathroom products, hair styling and all beauty products. But if the apps don't provide you with much of a rating, it's possible to do better by counting the aspects of the product, especially its production. You don't have to throw the product directly into the garbage if it's poorly rated, but rather start learning more about the components.