Since the dawn of time, women around the world have always cultivated their beauty through nature and this method was quite effective. Currently, with the rise of technology and the appearance of many chemical ingredients, this precious link with nature has been broken. Fortunately, the movement called slow cosmetics is now very popular. It invites people to take the time to respect themselves with products that are completely healthy. A little oil, honey or vinegar, and you're all set to be beautiful. Here are the principles of slow cosmetics.

Towards natural cosmetics

Cosmetics should only be formulated with healthy ingredients and active ingredients, adapted to the basic needs of the skin and hair. Store-bought skin care products that usually contain toxic ingredients and chemical fragrances should be avoided. Basically, the closer to nature the skin and hair is, the better. The Slow Cosmetics movement calls for a focus on natural beauty and self-care without change. The movement calls for more truthful messages from cosmetic brands as well as more transparent pricing. It criticizes marketing methods that can be misleading or unfair to consumers.

Towards organic cosmetics

Cosmetics offered to customers must respect the environment. Chemicals are not allowed to compose a slow cosmetic product, only natural ingredients dominate. The aim of slow cosmetics is to protect the environment and not to destroy it even more. Local products are given importance with slow cosmetics. Certified organic products are supported, as well as fair trade products and homemade recipes.

Towards cosmetics that respect living beings

Humanity is a large community of people, each one being a jewel in its own right. Animals and plants too. Cosmetics according to this movement must be formulated, sold and used with respect for nature, animals and human beings in all their complexity. Cosmetic products that do not respect all forms of life are condemned. Slow cosmetics is also about taking time. It's time to understand what the skin and body really need to feel both comfortable and radiant. Get rid of all the impurities and heaviness that are detrimental to your beauty by adopting this slow-cosmetic movement.