Inspiration has no limits when it comes to research on gastronomy. Among the trends that take the reflection in this field, the three foods: Lichen, Dulse Algae and Calamondin have become ingredients widely used by chefs around the world.

The Dulse Algae Ingredient

Dulse seaweed, as a food ingredient, is very famous for its sweet, iodine and full-bodied flavor. It can be combined with different ingredients to generate unique flavors. Its red color makes it perfect for gastronomic decoration. Dulse has nutritional benefits that are good for your health. Eating seaweed is 35% higher in protein than soy. As for Dulse, it provides calcium, potassium and magnesium. It is also very rich in trace elements and vitamins (B, C, A, E). This alga has an aphrodisiac function and it brings anti-hangover elements. The sale of this ingredient has known an explosion in the world. Chefs use it in their ingredients to prepare burgers, kebabs and some use it in the making of craft beers.

The Calamondin citrus fruit

The Calamondin has appeared for some time in culinary preparations. It is known for its positive health benefits. Calamondin has a sweet and bitter flavor that is very appreciated in the culinary art. Therefore, this ingredient is widely used in cocktail preparations and gives an exceptional taste in craft beers. If you have used lemon for any kind of processing, you have probably used Calamondin. This species appears in various dishes served hot or cold. It is widely used for slimming treatment. Calamondin is also known by its anti-allergic virtue especially very effective of its instant action. Seafood can be consumed by all, thanks to Calamondin.


In principle, lichens are composite organisms that result from a 90% symbiosis between a heterotrophic fungus and green algae with chlorophyll or autotrophic cyanobacteria. Lichens are a fungus and can groan at a difficult climatic and environmental condition. They contain nutritional elements: vitamins, proteins. Lichens are frequently used ingredients in irresistible menu preparations. You may have heard of the Black Stone Flower known as kalpasi or dagarfu. This variation of lichen species provides exceptional flavor is felt in craft beers.